How can I enable/disable breadcrumbs?

Enable/disable breadcrumbs on the collections and the product page by doing the following steps:

1. Go to Online store->Themes->Modular theme

2. Click "Actions"

3. Click "Edit code"

4. Search for the "Config" folder

5. Open the settings_schema.json file

6. On line 473 add the following block of code 

{ "name": "Breadcrumbs", "settings": [ { "type": "checkbox", "id": "show_breadcrumbs", "label": "Show breadcrumbs", "info": "Breadcrumbs, located on the Collection and Product pages, help users navigate through your products.", "default": true } ] },



7. Click "Save"

8. Search for the "Sections folder" 

9. Open the "collection-template.liquid" file

10. On line 79 replace this block of code

{% include 'site-breadcrumbs' %}

      With the following block of code

{% if settings.show_breadcrumbs %} {% include 'site-breadcrumbs' %} {% endif %}



11. Click "Save"

12. In the same folder, open the "product-template.liquid" file

13. Repeat step 10 for line 20

14. Click "Save"

15. In your theme's editor go to Theme settings-> Breadcrumbs

16. You can enable/disable breadcrumbs through the "Show breadcrumbs" checkbox