How can I enable/disable cart notes?

Enable/disable cart notes on the cart page by doing the following steps:

1. Go to Online store->Themes->Modular theme

2. Click "Actions"

3. Click "Edit code"

4. Search for the "Config" folder

5. Open the "settings_schema.json" file

6. On line 473 add the following block of code

{ "name": "Cart page", "settings": [ { "type": "checkbox", "id": "enable_cart_order_notes", "label": "Show cart notes", "default": false } ] },



7. Click "Save"

8. Search for the "Snippets" folder

9. Open the "site-cart.liquid" file 

10. On line 103 add the following block of code

{% if settings.enable_cart_order_notes %}                   
   <div class="order-notes">                                                                                                                         <label for="order-notes">Add a note to your order</label>                                                                                      <textarea id="order-notes" name="note"></textarea>                                                                                          </div>                                                                                                                                     {% endif %}



11. Click "Save"

12. Search for the "Assets" folder

13. Open the "style.scss.liquid" file

14. On line 4513 add the following block of code

.order-notes { bottom: 105px; left: 0; position: absolute; text-align: left; width: 30%;                                                        @media screen and (max-width: $xl){ bottom: auto; margin-bottom: 30px; position: relative; text-align: right; width: 100%; }                   @media screen and (max-width: $sm){ text-align: center; } }                                                                                    .order-notes__label { color: $c-text; font-family: "Montserrat","HelveticaNeue","Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; font-size: $font_b  odytext_size; font-weight: 100; line-height: 1.5; }                                                                                           .order-notes__content { border: 1px solid $c-border; height: 130px; resize: none; width: 100%; }



15. Click "Save"

16. In your theme's editor go to Theme settings-> Cart page

17. You can enable/disable cart notes through the "Show cart notes" checkbox